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Hell's Kitchen Softball News
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West/Hell’s Kitchen the Charmed Season 2007


April 22, 2007th we took the field for the first time in the Big Apple League, Heckscher #6 against Working Class.  We lost the first game 3-2, but came back to win the second game 6-5.  We played .500 ball through May ending the month with a 4 and 4 record.


In June and July combined we went 9 and 3 thankfully, for it had not been for these wins, all things being the same we would not have made the playoffs.  Going into August we were 13 and 7 and sitting pretty.  Then the vacations began, and attendance made it VERY difficult to field ten players, let alone a competitive team.  August was by far the worst month of the year 1 win and five losses, barely getting into the playoffs at 14-12.  The last two games of the season were both 1-0 forfeits to Diesel.  Had it not been for the head to head against Empire, we would not have made the playoffs and the season would've been over.


ROUND 1 (8/26/07):  In the first round of the playoffs we faced Diesel, the team that had just forfeited to, but this time we were in attendance.  We lost the first game 8 to 6 and rebounded in the second game 8-3.  We defeated Diesel 6-3 in the third game Lou Verges hit a bases loaded triple in the top of the eighth inning to give us the lead and eventually the win and advanced to the second round in two weeks.


Round 2 (9/9/07):  Our opponents are today’s dynasty, Choice Parts.  The games are a bit of a blur to me, oh yeah now I remember why, I was attending my daughter’s wedding in Florida, but that’s why they have record keeping.  Dino was in Pittsburgh, George Colon had to leave because of work, Juan Parra gets ejected in the first inning of the third game.  We lost the first game (Doc) 4-3.  In the second game we came back to defeat Parts 5-4 and then again in the third game 2-1, on to the championships, both defeats went to John Brown.


Championships (9/16/01):  Opponents - Contact, thorn in my side for decades, the Socs vs the Greasers (Reference - Outsiders 1983).  Again we lose the first game 1-0, again West/Hell’s Kitchen has their backs to the wall.  We win the second game 8-7, and then defeat the Socs 5-1 to win the championship our first year in the league.  Most memorable part of the games (other than winning), with Raf at 1B, a groundball was hit in his direction that hit something, I remember thinking instantly interference.  Fortunately the umpire felt the same way, taking us out of a bad situation.  Had the umpire not made that call the ball would’ve went through for a hit and men first and second with less than two outs.


It was a good off-season, championship party the memory of beating Contact still lingers in the annals of my mind.  I would like to repeat 2007 in 2011, taking out the current dynasty Choice Parts along the way.  Nothing personal against most of their players they’re just the team to beat presently. 



   A Message From Your Skipper John Albert Sheppard:

  As the season approaches there are a few things I would like to establish before we take the field for the first time in 2011.  We have in the past comported ourselve in a destructive manner and at times have had two opponents, the team we're playing and ourselves.  So in order to cut the playing field in half I have a list of rules we will abide by.
1.  This is a competitive league.
2.  There is no prize money.
3.  This league is about playing in Central Park, bragging rights and pride.
4.  We know the umpires are bad! Yet we are coming back to the league. No one is begging or forcing us to come back to play. We are coming back under our own free will. The umpires are going  to blow calls, so just deal with it and PLAY BALL.
5.  Please NO ONE is to argue or curse at umpires, opposing players and especially teammates! I will deal with umpires. If the other team wants to argue with the umpire, let them it is none of our business, we don’t have to teach other team the rules.
6.  I would like to change the perception that we are a bunch of crybabies and bullies.
7.  I am bringing West back on Sundays to win games, have fun and hang out with the fellas.
8.  I am not going to deal or tolerate all the old B.S. So if anyone has a problem with the way I want to do things or the way I manage, you can find another team. No hard feelings. Luv ya!
9.  We have a website ( that will have stats and the schedule. The league also has a website ( Everyone has a cell phone with a calendar.  Please put games on your phones, so there is no   excuse for not knowing gametimes. I will text once per week, if you cannot make the game please give me the courtesy of a phone call or a text! And I promise no inspirational texts!
10. Please give yourselves time to get to park. We have to take  trains, find parking, walk to field, get dressed and warm up.   Please get to games early so we can warm up before game not during first few innings of game. Try to be at park at  least half hour before game. Make sure you make extra time  for parades, Richie Christie will be out for Gay Parade.

11. I will collect $100. This will cover shirts and umpire fees. On  certain days I will bring a cooler with water, Gatorade, sodaSmirnoff Ice and beer. On these days I will take up a collection. ............Thanks and have a great season!

Top Ten Reasons why softball is the perfect girlfriend.

#10)  You only remember the good times and very rarely the bad times and if you perform really well you get a trophy

#9)  It never asks you to talk to it after the game is over and striking out is not embarrassing

#8)  Once the game is over you part ways.  No awkward tension waiting for her to get out no cab fare needed.

#7)  You know when you do things right, and feel real good about it.  Actually, it’s your cheering teammates that confirm it

 #6)  When you go shopping it’s pleasurable.  New glove, cleats, etc..

#5)  It is a diamond, it doesn’t need one.

#4)  No three date rule.  No wining and dining

#3)  She accepts all of your teammates

#2)  She can’t get pregnant or give you anything other than a pulled muscle.

And the #1 Reason is…..You can’t wait to see her again and Winters only rekindle the fire.






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